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As the name suggests, it is a game/event of horses in a race to find out the winning horse who goes first to the finishing line. This game is one of the oldest sports whose origin is from the primitive period where the stamina of the horse had been spectacled in the large ground fields while in the modern era the monitoring equipment has been involved to track the horses' speed & putting money on the winning horse prediction.

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Know more about Horse Racing

Origin of Horse Racing

Though the exact period when horse racing had been started is not known though this game could register its history from the medieval period. The main reason for horse racing was to display the horse's stamina in front of the buyers. Later on, it prevailed more in the Olympic games of Greece in the period from 700-40 BCE.

Mainly the racing involves two horse breeds- Thoroughbreds & Standardbreds. The thoroughbred horse race called the racing on the flat involves the rider astride while the race in which standardbreds run; it involves the driver & horse pulling the conveyance is known as harness racing.

Out of the two races mentioned above- thoroughbred is more popular among the people. In this 21st-century horse racing has taken the form of gambling & betting.

Horse racing progressed to wagers where people bet on the first three horses for the event of winning, placing & showing. Worldwide, horse betting is one of the most popular games in gambling. The bets could be private or can be done through a professional bookmaker.

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Here are the most common straight Bets that take place in Horse Racing Games

  • Win: This bet is simple in which you have to predict the winning horse. The price you put on the horse & that horse wins, you too win the bet & money. For each horse, the odds are listed on the toteboard; whichever horse wins- you will get back your money pus horse odd prices.
  • Place: Although similar to the Win bet, just to differentiate, this bet involves the predictions of the place of the winning horses. The better put money on the prediction of the odds of the winning horses along with their positions. If your horse comes in the top two places, you will win the money either way.
  • Show: In the series of straight bets, next comes the Show bet. In this, the money is put on the prediction of the horse coming at the third position. Remember, if your horse comes at the first or second, you will not win more money. For this bet, the horse has to end the show. If you are confident in the caliber of your horse, & are ready to take some risk, you can reap the chances of larger return than placing a Place bet or Win bet.
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    Advancing with the technology, horse betting has adopted the pari-mutuel for the racetrack. Depending upon the interest of the person, there are different types of horse races to put the money on Organized racing, Match races, Open field racing, Handicap racing etc. Some bookmakers provide special wagers as daily double, perfecta, quinella, trifecta while some offer high payouts to the winners.

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