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MMA Betting Specifics you should know

For sports lovers, every game is full of thrill & excitement. They find every reason to level up their fun where betting on the sports is quite popular & interesting. In this series, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is growing faster among the punters. Though MMA is gaining popularity all over the world, yet, in Vegas- the city of gambling acquires huge fan followers of MMA betting. Here, the MMA bets are quite popular among the punters. For MMA, along with the field betting the live betting is pretty much available all year round.

Another major platform for MMA betting is online sportsbooks. This web-based platform is wide & covers a major online betting market.

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Basics of MMA betting-

MMA is an exciting sport where predicting what will happen next is quite difficult- as a punch or kick can change the entire fight. So, the bettors need to be quite aware of the basics of fighting before wagering on the fighters & their move.

So, if you wanna dig out more about this thrilling fighting game & wanna put your money on some betting sites, here are the things you should know about MMA betting events.

1.The Moneyline

The painless way to bet on Mixed Martial Arts events is through the money line. In this, a wager is put on the overall winner of the fight/tournament.

For example-
Anderson Silva(-245) - The MMA king

Chael Sonnen(+185) - A fighter against Silva in UFC 117

Let's understand this clearly-

The above-mentioned wager in the bracket indicates that the MMA king, Anderson is the favourite & a successful wager on him pays $1 for every $2.45 wagered. It means to earn a profit of $100 from a wager on Silva, you'd need to wager $245.
On the other hand, Chael Sonnen is an underdog (thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest). So to profit $100 from a wager on Sonnen, you'd need to wager $185.

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2.Over/Under Bets

The bet on the number of fighting rounds before the match overs. Bookmakers give the number of fight rounds & the bettors bet over or under the given number. If their approximation comes right, you will win the bet.
For example, if the bookmaker says 3 rounds & asks you to bet on what you think about how long the match will last i.e. more or less than 3 rounds.

3.KO, Submission, or Decision

At online sportsbooks, another way is to bet on the KnockOut (who will end the game), or the final decision of the winning fighter. This is quite interesting & differs on the different online betting sites.
Some of the betting websites allow betting on the overall winner of a fight while some MMA betting sites ask to bet on the nature of fight end will it be knockout, submission, or decision or some online sportsbook favour both betting wagers.
Among the above three, betting on fight end nature is rare & hence it comes with higher payouts than the other two & straight bets.

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TOP MMA Championships-

  • UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • ONE championship
  • Bellator MMA
  • PFL (Professional Fighters League)
  • WSOF ( World Series of Fighting)
  • Jungle Fight (International Championship)
  • Many more
  • Wisdom while wagering on Mixed Martial Arts events-

    Now that you understand the most popular odds and bets available for the MMA market, I think it's important to share some of the basics I've learned. I've been wagering on mixed martial arts events for about a year now, and I've picked up some wisdom along the way that I wish I'd had at my disposal early on.

    Wisdom 1 – initially stick to Straight-up bets

    If you are an amateur in betting as well as in MMA specifics, then, sticking to straight-up win wagers is wise. Prop bets are generally profitable for those who bet with experience.

    Wisdom 2 – Don't rely on the buzz about heavy favourites

    In the fight, most people put wages on the heavy favourites based on the rumours spread. But to be fair, you should avoid such buzzes & think practically. Don't forget that even the underdog can be the winner if the favourite one misses any punch. This could lead to a huge upset to the bettors who had believed the rumours of the favourites. Do your research properly about the fight & players; then, only put wagers on favourite or underdog.


    Hopefully, you would have an understanding of the MMA events for wagering & betting. If you want to start with MMA betting, choose straight-up bets while if you are an experienced one, then, needn't say you can easily pull off the prop bets.

    Secondly, you can make your bet on online betting sites such as where you will get 24/7 customer support & easy payment options with the lowest registering fees. You can start your betting at just 10 rs.

    Do you want to turn your 10 rs to 100 rs or 1000 rs or more? If yes, then, start betting online now.

    NOTE : Betinexchangeindia does not encourage any people to bet, if you do this then you will be responsible for this.

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