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Types of Snooker Bets you should know

The Life Pool or Pyramid Pool? Which game do you want to play & put your money on?

The fan following & fraternity of Snooker sport have always been elite. If you are familiar with billiards & pool; then you can easily connect with the fact that Snooker is eventually a combined version of both. The credit of making Snooker popular worldwide goes to Britishers, exclusively the British army officers & soldiers. Earlier, Snooker was the game of two people only- but for now, to entertain more people, the newer versions of Snooker accommodate more players at a time.

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Insights to the Indian Snooker Fraternity

In India, this elite sport attracts people of all ages including teenagers, adults as well as middle-aged people. If you look outside of India, most of the Snooker fans are from the grandfather's generation.

In India, the official launching of Snooker is in the year 1926 by M.M. Begg under the Billiards and Snooker Federation of India (BSFI). Initially, its headquarters was in Kolkata, West Bengal which later on shifted to Mumbai.

BSFI Role to popularize Snooker in the country

The fan following of Snooker is limited to some extent in the country & hence to make it popular among the Indians, BSFI organizes many snooker championships (both state-level & national level). Moving ahead, BSFI is also affiliated with international organizations as the Asian Confederation of Billiards Sport, World Federation of Billiards Sports, International Billiards and Snooker Federation, and, Asian Carom Billiards Confederation.

Snooker is not only popular to play among the elite section but is popular among the middle & poor section as well. Along with playing fun, people find Snooker attractive for betting. The bettors get many opportunities to place the bets in live-in-play snooker events or online bets, etc.

Online Snooker and pool

Popular Snooker Championship to bet on

The Snooker betting market is wide and covers several Snooker championships where the bettors can bet online. The list includes the UK Championship, World Snooker Championship, Shanghai Masters, Welsh Open, Grand Prix, Northern Ireland Trophy, Power Snooker, Snooker Premier league, etc.

Various Snooker Bets

For all the Snooker enthusiasts, we are listing out the various snooker bets to let you know more

  • Outright Bet – Betting on the emerging winning player in the game. Punters put their money on predicting a particular winning player in the tournament.
  • Match Bet – To bet on a player who will win the match. The match bets can be multiple.
  • Frame Bet – To predict the frame score value of a game in any tournament.
  • Highest Break Bet – Punters bet on their prediction of a player who can make the highest break in the tournament. To make it more interesting, bettors put their money on the break size, sometimes.
  • In Running Bets – All types of bets while watching the live match on the TV. In such events, the punters either make online bets or put money physically in the group.
  • The online betting sites give the golden opportunities to earn laced with guaranteed fun along. From the attractive offers to the new joiners to easy withdrawal; from hassle-free payment options to registration with the lowest fees- the betting sites like are welcoming the bettors with the freehand.

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